FAQs 2016



Please take your tents back home with you after the festival- it is not only eco friendly, but also saves you money!




The campsite wardens are to be informed immediately in case a fire breaks out- even if it appears to be under control or already extinguished.

(+43) 122 = Fire Brigade

(+43) 133 = Police

(+43) 144 = Ambulance

The telephone number for abutters is (+43) 0676/4265365 (active from the beginning of August)

Prohibited on the campsite:

  • Camping stoves
  • Barbecues of any type
  • Tampering with open fire
  • Any type of Glass container
  • Beer crates
  • Ale benches and banks
  • Bicicles and Mopeds
  • Weapons, pyrotechnical items of any type


The railway services take you to the festival in a comfortable and affordable way.

Up to 3 times an hour, our Railjet trains take you from Salzburg to St. Pölten from 1 hour and 52 minutes and from Linz in 46 minutes. From our neighbouring countries (Munich and Budapest), the Railjet takes travellers to St. Pölten every two hours. Travelling from Vienna Main Station to St. Pölten via railway only takes 30 minutes.

Shuttle buses take fans directly from St. Pölten Main Station to the festival grounds


Reserve a seat and make sure you get a place on the train. The best way to do so is directly from home or on location at the RAILAXED Base!


With this ticket, you not only travel quickly but also at affordable prices; it takes you from Salzburg or Graz to St. Pölten starting from € 19.

Sparschiene tickets can be booked as early as 6 months in advance and up to 3 days prior to your journey. They are subject to quotas, so book now!

Please find all information as well as terms and conditions at oebb.at/sparschiene

Einfach-Raus-Ticket from € 33 (valid for 2 people)

An excellent alternative for people travelling in groups (2-5 people). This ticket is a network ticket valid in the whole of Austria on certain trains such as S-Bahn, regional trains and REX trains. If your group consists of more than 2 people, a surcharge of € 4 each is charged for the 3rd, 4th and 5th person. Please find all information as well as terms and conditions at oebb.at/einfachraus


Via the ÖBB Ticket Shop and the ÖBB Ticket App or at the ÖBB Ticket Machine, holders of an ÖBB VORTEILSCARD receive a 50% discount on standard single tickets (45% at the ÖBB Ticket Counter). The VORTEILSCARD is valid for 12 months and offers even more benefits. Discounts may be lower when travelling in the networks of transport associations. Simply order your VORTEILSCARD quickly and comfortably at oebb.at/vorteilscard and download the new ÖBB App onto your smart phone. This way, you always carry your VORTEILSCARD with you on your smart phone. Alternatively, you can simply order the card at your next ÖBB Ticket Counter or the ÖBB Travel Agency. All information at oebb.at/vorteilscard


A little tip for all those arriving from abroad: Using the Interrail Pass, you can get directly to the festival safely and comfortably. Direct and fast connections departing from all over Europe make it Easy Easy
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for you to enjoy all the action at the festival.


Intelligent travelling with the new ÖBB App.

Using the new ÖBB App, purchasing tickets is now even faster and easier. Intelligent: The system learns from your behaviour and adjusts to your routines. Matching the selected offers, you will receive your most important information in a clearly structured and individual fashion. ÖBB tickets as well as tickets of the transport association partners can be booked in a single purchase process, using just a few clicks. Have you typed too quickly and made a mistake? Every purchase can be cancelled up to 3 minutes after the booking was made. This also works for bookings which normally cannot be cancelled, such as Sparschiene tickets.

Comprehensive information on your railway connections as well as on timetables and tickets on oebb.at


As offered in the preceding years we have a shuttle service that transfers you directly from Vienna to St. Pölten.

You can get directly to Frequency Festival from a bus stop in Vienna! No stressfull traffic jams, no need to look for a parking space and no changing trains. Simply put your tents, sleeping bags and supplies into the trunk of the bus and off you to the festival! Also ideal for guests that come for only a day- we drive to vienna every night after the shows! All infos on the shuttle bus can be found here!!

For guests from surrounding countries there is an even more comfortable way to get to the festival: Travel in modern and air-conditioned coaches from „Festival Bus Shuttles“ to the party of the year. A coach packed with partypeople like you and a propper sound system make the trip to the festival an own memorable and fun event!Every guest travelling by coach will get a free welcome package on the bus. There will be no unnecessary stops in small towns that would make the trip long and tiresome. The coach will stop in Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Mannheim, Heidelberg, Augsburg, Kirchheim/Teck, Pforzheim and Ulm. For registration and further information check: www.festivalbus.com


The venue is located in Lower Austria's regional capital St. Pölten and can be reached directly over the Westautobahn A1, exit St. Pälten Süd.

There is only limited availability of parking space in the close surroundings of the festival area! Think about joining or founding a travelling community or come in by public transport!

Please follow traffic control, especially in the parking areas. To provide you with a functioning and safe festival we are bound to supply and rescue routes. Should you block one of these routes your car will be towed rigorously. The same applies in case you block other people's vehicles.

Please also respect the residents by respecting stopping restrictions and areas where motorized traffic is prohibited.


Your tickets will be exchanged for festival bands at the entrance. The bands will be fitted on you by our staff and are not transferrable.


There will be two ATMs in the festival area. Since they need to be refilled every now and then we advise you to take enough cash with you.



Camping is included in the price of the weekend festival ticket. Day tickets have no camping included.

Camping is only allowed in the provided areas. Camping on the walkpaths will be punished with a ban from the festival area. Having clear paths for walking, but also rescue and escape routes, are in your interest- please keep the paths clear.

Big crowds make for an Easy Easy
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game for pickpockets. Creditcards, Ids and money should be kept close at all times! Tents do not provide shelter from burglars! Do not leave your valuables in sight in the car!

We are not accountable for any sort of damage, injuries or thefts happening on the camp site!

Please take your tents with you after the festival- this saves you money and is eco friendly!

THERE IS A STRICT BAN ON BULKY WASTE! (Sofas, couches, woodplanks for construction are not even allowed on the camp site!)

Please help us conserving the environment and keep your camp site clean!


There is an exclusive parking space for caravans at the old Kopal barracks. You can get your caravantickets on www.musicnet.at. Please have these tickets ready while approaching the venue.

You are granted acces to the caravan area with your ticket only if you come by caravan or have a trailer.

A vehicle is considered a caravan if it has enough place to sleep in for the amout of people it transports. Convertible caravans are also allowed. The length of the vehicle is limited to 11 meters and maximum allowed weight is 3.5 tons.

For every caravan or trailer you are allowed to put up an awning, but out of security reasons sleeping in them is prohibited. Sleeping tents next to cars are not allowed.

Per each caravan ticket holder there will be roughly 50 square meters of place. We ask you too be respectful towards your neighbours by not setting up gigantic camps.

Please help us conserving the environment and keep your camp site clean!

We are not accountable for any sort of damage, injuries or thefts happening on the camp site!


„FM4 goes Frequency“ is the motto on austria's finest radio station from wednesday night to sunday afternoon. The FM4 festival team will be reporting about the festival with reportages, band interviews and broadcasts of the concerts. You can also find videos on the FM4 website fm4.orf.at. Watch out for Esther Csapo and Stuart Freeman who will be broadcasting live from Greenpark St. Pölten from thursday to saturday between 7 and 10 PM!

Our guests are greeted by the FM4 Welcome Service at the entrance gates while FM4 Djs will be playing on top of the FM4 Dj Bus! The FM4 Stand offers you a place to go and find other stranded people to philosophize about the meaning of life. You can grab free stuff like all you need to „Tag Your Festival“: speech bubbles on which you can write/draw a personal message to show to the festival community. And if you want to send a thought to the people who are back home you can just go to the FM4 Post Office and get free postcards.

-Fm4 Welcome Service

Es every year FM4 greets all the guests on the day of arrival with a musical fanfare! Our FM4 Djs and their friends will get you into the right mood for the festival by playing for you from the roof of the FM4 DJ Bus. The Bus will be located at the entrancevgate to the festival.

-The FM4 Stand

The place to get together with everyone else stranded on the festival to have a chat about the meaning of life, to enthuse about the lineup or to blow off some steam because your neighbors are getting on your nerves. Grab one of the FM4 clothes pegs to join the highly exclusive FM4 Peg Club!

-Tag Your Festival

FM4 Are giving away their popular speech bubbles for free! What you write into them is up to you. Draw something, write a message for a mate who got lost in the depths of the festival or just write a funny joke- let your creativity flow freely. You will get a tutorial on how to attach the speech bubbles to your tents- the best decorated tents win prizes!

Grab your speech bubbles and markers for free at the FM4 Stand.

-FM4 Post Office

Want to show off how cool the festival is with a postcard? Drop by at the FM4 Post Office and get a free postcart- stamps can be bought here aswell. The mailbox is emptied daily and the postcards are brought to an official postal service.

-FM4 Frequency Red Bull Brandwagen Tour

As in the previous years there will be an FM4-Frequency-Warmup-Tour featuring the Red Bull Brandwagen. Catch the Warm Up Tour in a town near you- FREE ENTRY!

Infos & Dates on the Warmup Tour will follow shortly.


The Infobooth and Lost&Found is located in the core area close to Space Stage. This is where you find all the information regarding the festival and also transfers by public transport.

You can ask for the things you lost here:


Town hall, first floor

Rathausplatz 1

3100 St. Pölten

Phone: +43 2742 333-3020

E-Mail: fundamt@st-poelten.gv.at


Upon entrance you will get a trash bag and will have to make a deposit of 10 Euros, which you will get back when we get a bag that is at least half full. You can claim your deposit back between Friday 4PM and Sunday 12 noon. People carrying a tent or a backpack will be regarded as campers and therefore asked to pay the deposit.

Please help us conserving the environment and keep your camp site clean!



Thursday until Saturday from 13:00 until one hour after the last concert.



Thursday until Saturday from 14:00 until one hour after the last concert.


Wednesday until Saturday from 22:00 to 06:00

camping/caravan/parking areas

Wednesday from 08:00 until Sunday 12:00

Guestlist PRESS/GUESTS/ VIP - DAYPARK (main entrance DAYPARK at VAZ):

Wednesday from 15:00 until 23:00, Thursday until Saturday from 11:00 until 23:00


Wednesday from 15:00 until 23:00, Thursday from 11:00 until 23:00

ATTENTION: The gust list at Nightpark is not open on Friday and Saturday, please go to the guest list at Daypark.

Info booth in the core area

Wednesday from 14:30 until the end of the concerts on the main stage. Thursday until Saturday from 13:00 to the end of the concerts on the main stage

Cash desks and band fittings

Wednesday from 08:00 until Saturday 24:00 around the clock


Zipfer Counter

Wednesday from 15:00 until 23:00, Thursday until Saturday from 11:00 until 23:00


Lost & found (at the infopoint in the core area)

Wednesday from 14:30 until the end of the concerts on the main stage. Thursday until Saturday from 13:00 to the end of the concerts on the main stage.

Garbage Garbage
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deposit refund

Friday from 16:00 to 12:00, Saturday from 10:00 until Sunday 12:00 around the clock


The press area is located on the left hand side of the Weekender UK/plingg-Stage. Access is restricted to people wearing press bands. Accreditaion enquirries are in the press area on www.skalarmusic.at.


Sanitary facilities are available on the campsite, caravan area and in the core area.

There is a sufficient ammount of water flushed toilets at the major sanitary center on the camp site, aswell as in the caravan and the core area. Moreover there is a large number of mobile toilet stations in multiple locations.


We provide you with a free shuttle service from Caravan Camping to Daypark. You can also take a little walk around 15 min to the Daypark.

Bus schedule:

WED: 10 a.m. - 01 a.m.

THU-SAT 10 a.m. - 05 a.m.

SUN 07 a.m. - 12.30 a.m.


We strongly recommend you not to buy any tickets from strangers on the streets. Unfortunately we have already had troubles with fake tickets, which will not grant you access to the festival area and/or camp site.

All official pre sale partners can be found under the „tickets“ tab.


Potable water can be found at the sanitary facilities on the camp site and the caravan area, close to Space Stage, aswell as the toilets in the core area of Green Stage.


The VIP Area is located inside the VAZ and on the terrace facing Space Stage, the nightpark also includes a VIP gallery. There is only a limited amout of tickets available for this exclusive area. These tickets allow you access to the VIP area, an exclusive VIP platform with view on to the stage, parking space in the VIP parking area and can be bought on www.musicnet.at.

ATTENTION: Anyone who comes in early enough is granted acces to the VIP parking area. For those who are too late there might not be any room left in the VIP parking lot. Please have your VIP tickets ready upon entrance.


There will be wave-breakers at the major stages, the rule here is: first come, first served. As the wave-breaker is filled to 70-80%, entrance will be restricted out of security reasons.





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