Eco Friendly Concept

In 2011 we already showed that we can make a festival work in a way that not only suits the guests, but also the earth. Our Concept „Green Stage“ was welcomed by all our guests. People collected 200.000 empty cans during the days of the festival and returned them to the Zipfer Recycling Stands, so they could be disposed of. This concept, which was elaborated with Zipfer, guarantees a benefit for our guests, since the return of cans is being remunerated. Also our especiall eco friendly camping area „Green Camper“ was met with vast approval. Of course this concept will be developped even further for 2012, in order to minimize the burden of trash that comes with a festival- both for the environment and our guests. But not only the environment and our guests are a part of this concept, we also focus on a good communication with the people living close to the venue, in order to have a good relationship. We don't see eco friendliness as a burden, but as an opportunity to make our festival more enjoyable for everyone.

The main measures of the programme „Green Stage“ are:

*A concept that raises awareness about the environment

*ecological and social appreciation

*a concept for returns of cans, deposits for trash and reusable drinking cups, especially planned with Zipfer

*increase and improvement of communication with neighbours

*more Dumpsters in the camping area

*regular cleaning of the venue and a quick cleaning of the areas adjacent to housing areas and the Traisen banks.

*stricter controls for glass items in the camping area





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